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3 Things I'm Obsessed With

I love to play 3 things I'm obsessed with at a dinner table, so naturally I'm committed to making the idea part of our blog.  Here are the top three things I am obsessed with the following this week: 

    1. The Home Edit (https://thehomeedit.com/)   I’m seriously channeling my inner Clea and Joanna by tackling one space as I can.  Well, I am doing it DIY style  for now, since I have a cart full at The Container store per their recommendations, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  I’m working on it.  But these pair so deprecating, so clever, and just so likeable that I am starting to think I know them.  I don’t, but still.. I really like them.  And I never thought the colors of the rainbow trick (Roy G Biv!) would actually surface and in decorating! I love it, but probably wouldn’t use their special way of rainbow organizing in the home except for something child related.  But please, visit The Home Edit!

  1. Copycat recipes- although the dry January theme (well sort of dry- but we had a few events, including a big blowout for my MIL’s 80th birthday, etc.), I’ve been eating super clean and really limiting alcohol intake. went completely dry for Jan.  (Let’s just say the calendar really flipped on Jan 31!)  It’s feels great to be extra conscious and committed to a plan by trying to eat pescatarian,  if not complete veg.  I’m feeling so good!  I’ve also been making lots of great bowls like this tofu power bowls by Damn Delicious (https://damndelicious.net.)  Quick tip on the tofu- I’ve had the best results using Mark Bitteman’s method for cooking tofu, so check it out.  If you’ve thought tofu taste like slime, this recipe will change your life.  This is more of a method to cook tofu, and not a true recipe, so it needs to be seasoned as well during the cooking process.  (https://www.wellplated.com/ultra-crispy-unfried-tofu/)


  1. You!!!  I’ve been watching this alone, so it can get pretty creepy.  There are some things that really bother me about the show (read Beck), but overall it’s smart and scary, which is a rare combination.  My husband has been binging Sneaky Pete, but I just tune in from time to time.  The opening song is really annoying and goes on way too long after watching 2 episodes (maybe 6, but who’s counting?), but it has its moments.   But You is so good for a stalker show! And Joe’s over narration actually works for me, which is typically super annoying.  My son used to watch Dexter and that always drove me crazy.  But You will keep you on edge!  (Available on Netflix)

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