Size Guide

With over 12 years experience fitting clothing and shoes in person...We are Fit Experts. If you are about to order, and are unsure which size to choose, please chat with us using the icon in the bottom right hand corner of this website. Or call/email (804-360-4660 or and we're happy to help. We often include whether the style runs big or small in the product description to help you decide as well.

Size 38? 39? 40? What in the world does that mean? Don't fret, we're here to help you understand European sizes. For most designers, the below chart can help you decide which European size to choose:

US Size (womens) Euro Size
5-5.5 36
6-6.5 37
7-7.5 38
8-8.5 39
9-9.5 40
10 41
11 42